Born and registered in Portugal,

Always reminding to look beyond appearances, to appreciate the depth and inner qualities of people and things, and to approach them with sacredness and respect, making everyone's unique perspective meaningful.

Our aim is to create something unique and new with the help of the world's largest community of artists. Without restrictions, together, we can contribute to a greater creation. We have thousands of missions planned for the upcoming years, and everyone is invited to be part of it.

Our initial goal is to offer exceptional opportunities to embrace art in the world. We want to provide immersive experiences that transcend conventional boundaries, allowing us to delve into the distinctive universe of art. Sharing ideas and profits for this cause will support many artists who struggle in today's world.

We believe that our world needs more artists, creators, free minds, and fearless expression. Deep within every person lies the potential for creation, and most of the times, creativity just needs a little spark. We want to help ignite that spark and invite you to join us in this mission, we call it "DIVINE".

We anticipate not only producing top-notch products but also creating visual storytelling that profoundly reflects our limitless imagination. Our name represents the sacred skin, that elevates manifestation and give the higher vibration to everyone who wears.

 We strongly believe that art and streetwear are not separate elements but integrated partners that complement each other harmoniously.


If you feel motivated and willing to help, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.